Monday, January 31, 2011


Hannah and I are hoping to lead our students at Colby through something at least somewhat formal and coherent for Lent.
We're looking for ideas for our weekly meetings. We don't want to give the students extra things to read or take home to do, so we want digestible, penetrating things to do in an hour or so. You all have any ideas on short exercises, prayer services, etc. that we could accomplish? Anything longer that I could easily distill down to a shorter format?


  1. Digestible and penetrating in an hour? Hmm... F#*% and Sh&^#@#?

  2. No really, nothing comes to mind, but I'll think about it I guess

  3. I'll think on it as well.

    great time to look at repentance and the various senses of the action.
    We usually have a narrow sense of it.
    What does repentance look like?

    You should write a lenten poem and go through that as an exercise.

  4. We have plenty of services that would be appropriate for the Lenten season, but I know how you feel about the Orthodox, so I guess I've got nothing for you.

  5. Bunch of casual Cals here. Alan GUESSES he'll think about it. Thanks, pal. I wouldn't want to get in the way of your constructing another bullshit stat sheet.

    Ry, you might be onto something in asking them to think on repentance in a broader sense. Hope we can talk soon about it.

    JD, well, my priest said I shouldn't have internet conversations with an Orthodox "Christian" I mean, you're my friend. I want to talk to you. But we are separated now. I love St. Augustine. You're not allowed to. You love beards. I'm not allowed to grow one because I have to save my beard hair for my first hairshirt (due upon my 3rd anniversary of becoming Catholic). I dunno. I feel like Romeo. You can be Juliet because I saw you in a dress at your baptism.

  6. jason,
    tell me more about this group you're gathering with and what they're like?