Monday, January 31, 2011


Hannah and I are hoping to lead our students at Colby through something at least somewhat formal and coherent for Lent.
We're looking for ideas for our weekly meetings. We don't want to give the students extra things to read or take home to do, so we want digestible, penetrating things to do in an hour or so. You all have any ideas on short exercises, prayer services, etc. that we could accomplish? Anything longer that I could easily distill down to a shorter format?


Idea (inspired by Hannah):

To give up reading books for Lent. My friend, Cleve, described it as cruel and unusual. But on the other hand, what could be more sensible for me?

I've thought to use it as an opportunity to simply focus on scripture. I wanted to work through some OT material into the Gospels toward Easter.
I'd thought to read Leviticus, Deuteronomy, I&II Samuel, and Isaiah before heading into the Gospels. What do you think? Would these contextualize Christ and his Passion well enough for the 40 days? Maybe it's too ambitious a list.

Help me. Join me?